Will your brand succeed internationally?
International marketing can be full of potential, and full of challenges.

Your business may be considering expanding into international markets as the next step in the growth or your product of service. Many businesses think that they can simply repeat the same marketing and media strategies in other countries and markets. However, the strategies that worked in the US market mostly likely will not bear the same results, especially when cross-cultural and linguistic factors are taken into account.

Some businesses may also “fall into” foreign markets, making contacts through trade shows or social media, without adequately developing a unique international marketing strategy for each country, and carefully vetting each foreign partner.

While the potential of expanding internationally or globally is great, some of the issues that can make international marketing difficult include the varying political, economic, cultural, technological, and social situations in each country and market that you enter. Therefore, the strategies that may have brought your business success in one country is not guaranteed to have the same effectiveness in others. This is true, even in cases where neighboring countries may have vastly different cultural, linguistic and regulatory environments.

If your company does not have the experience for effective international marketing, the best strategy is to work with an international marketing agency that has experience in assisting businesses to successfully enter foreign and global markets.

Our Approach to International Marketing

First you will meet our international marketing team, who will work with you to understand your brand and your business objectives. Our team has extensive experience helping businesses expand into international markets in the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Africa, profitably growing businesses and assisting companies based in the US move into new countries. Members of our Peoria marketing agency are fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, with translation services for other languages.

Next, we pinpoint potential markets, conduct research to identify market challenges, and profile your target market.

Third, we create a strategy which may include:

  • Establishing and developing international operations
  • Patents and trademarks
  • Developing relationships with representatives and/or distributors
  • Appointing licensees
  • Acquisition of foreign companies.
  • Strategies for market penetration
  • Sales targets
  • We will then work with you through the process of entering each foreign market, and monitoring and optimizing the results.

Since we work on a project basis, you receive the value of an experienced marketing with the responsiveness of a small agency. This makes international marketing services accessible to smaller and medium-sized businesses that are considering expanding into foreign markets.

Contact us now to explore how international marketing can grow your business.