customer relationship development

We design lasting relationships between our clients and their customers through:

1. Marketing Strategy
2. Creative and Design
3. Implementation
4. Forging relationships

Marketing Strategy:
A beautiful product or a great-looking web site does not necessarily mean success. A sound integrated marketing strategy is necessary to ensure that your business goals and objectives are achieved.

Our first step is to analyze:

  • your objectives
  • your present marketing methodology
  • your customers’ experience with your company.

Then, we develop a comprehensive strategy that will strengthen your brand, as it grows your bottom line.

Creative and Design:
Once we have developed an powerful marketing strategy for your business, it must be communicated effectively.

Our creative services:

  • web design
  • logo and corporate identity
  • print design
  • packaging, signage, and trade show display creation

are not only unique and visually engaging, but connect with the viewer and begin to build a relationship with them.

Web sites, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, video marketing, social media, blogs, digital billboards . . . the list of available means to communicate your marketing message is endless. We select the media and methodologies that will bring the highest response and ROI for your marketing investment.

Forging Relationships:
We continue to monitor and optimize the marketing strategies we have implemented, refining them, and increasing the effectiveness on the fly. Lasting relationships with your potential and current customers are forged, as they progress through steps that lead to greater connection with your business.

Complete Integrated Marketing Services

True integrated marketing means that all the various media and means of implementing the marketing strategy that we have developed for you work together seamlessly.

Some examples of this are:

  • Using Facebook to capture leads that build opt-in email lists.
  • Email marketing features printable coupons, only redeemable in person.
  • Broadcast advertising leads to specific web landing pages for a current promotion, capturing leads, and generating responses.
  • Video marketing drives traffic to your web site, which then converts viewers to customers.
  • Public relations and promotional strategies increase awareness and involvement with your brand, often in face-to-face interaction.

This leads to stronger connections with your customers and increased sales.

To see how our Peoria integrated marketing services can help you to grow your business, contact us for a no-obligation evaluation.